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quarry conveyor means a belt conveyor used for conveying raw quarry or quarry ore stones. It’s applied widely in quarry mining industry. When we transport raw quarry to the ground or transporting quarry on the ground, quarry conveyor can do savings in manpower and improve efficiency greatly.

XSM is a famous conveyor company and conveyor belt manufacturer in the world. XSM quarry conveyors consist of standard parts and they have the advantages of large transfer quantity, simple structure, easy maintenance and standard parts. They are widely used in mining, metallurgy and quarry industry to transfer sandy or lump materials, or packaged materials.
quarry conveyor structure

quarry conveyor system is consisting of a metal frame with rollers at either end of a flat metal bed. The belt is looped around each of the rollers and when one of the rollers is powered (by an electrical motor) the belting slides across the solid metal frame bed, moving the product. In heavy use applications the beds which the belting is pulled over are replaced with rollers. The rollers allow weight to be conveyed as they reduce the amount of friction generated from the heavier loading on the belting.

quarry conveyors can now be manufactured with curved sections which use tapered rollers and curved belting to convey products around a corner.

We also offer spare parts and original wear parts related to the quarry conveyor.
Belt conveyor classification

Belt conveyor can be used to transfer bulk materials or materials in pieces. According to different transferring requirements, the transferring system can be of only one belt conveyor or consists of several conveyors, or combined with other transferring equipments. The belt conveyor can be installed horizontally or aslope to meet the needs of different transferring requirements.

quarry conveyor is belonging to belt conveyor. Belt conveyor also called belt conveyer or conveyor belt. Belt conveyor is usually classified according to if there have traction equipments including traction conveyor and no-traction conveyor.